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You're unique, so why shouldn't your lifestyle be the same? At Revera, we offer accommodations and services to suit individual tastes; from hotel-style seniors' residences to personal health care, and everything in between. At Revera, your options are endless, but your choice is easy. 
    Taken from the root word
    "revere", our new name reflects all the values we live and work by: Respect, Integrity,
    Compassion and Excellence. In other words, Revera reflects who we are and what we stand for.
Our retirement residences across Canada offer various living options for seniors - from Independent Living programs, where our friendly staff help residents maintain maximum independence, to full Assisted Living for those who require extra care and comprehensive nursing supervision. Gracious interiors, warm and welcoming staff, full service dining rooms, a broad range of recreational activities, housekeeping and laundry services and many other amenities demonstrate our commitment to providing every comfort to our residents. Our Long Term Care homes offer various levels of care for seniors - from short stays and convalescent programs, to fully secured areas for those who require extra care and comprehensive nursing supervision. We believe in caring for our residents with an approach that stems from human kindness and respect; an approach that affords all our residents a quality living experience, reflecting the value we place on treating our residents with dignity and maintaining a home-like, warm, and welcoming environment. Revera Health Services is a home care agency that supplies a range of services from professional nursing care to light housekeeping and companion care; to private homes, retirement residences, nursing homes, hospitals and industry. We can provide as much or as little help as you require. With assistance, you can enjoy an active, independent lifestyle. Our Service Coordinators are available 24 hours per day 7 days a week for consultation and to arrange services.
Revera is a community of people committed to providing compassionate care and excellent service to you, our residents and clients. We will be:

- You will be accommodated in a safe and clean environment.

- You will be treated with courtesy and dignity and afforded privacy in treatment or in caring for personal needs.

- You will be provided with care that is responsive to individual preferences, needs and values.

- You will be treated without discrimination and provided with services that do not vary in quality because of gender, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation.

- You will be informed of your medical condition and treatment and have access to your own records.

- You will experience our people as responsible for their decisions and actions, and able to admit and correct mistakes.

- You will be encouraged to raise concerns or recommend changes in policies and services and be informed of any changes affecting the operation of your residence.
To enhance lives with choices in community living, warm hospitality and compassionate care.
Respect - Everyone is Important
Integrity - Doing the Right Thing
Excellence - Doing Our Best
Compassion - Caring With Passion

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