Revera Health Services is a home care agency that has been supplying superior heath-care personnel and support to private homes, retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals and industry since 1985. We provide the highest quality care on a national level, with offices throughout Canada. We have partnerd with Derm Medica, skin care experts in Kelowna to ensure that our patients skin care needs are taken care of.

Our Service Coordinators are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for consultation and to arrange services. To evaluate your individual needs, RHS will arrange for a complimentary assessment by our Nursing Supervisor to determine the level of care required, then recommend suitable staff and services. A customized wellness plan and related charges are outlined in our pre-service assessment, which indicates the costs that are eligible for payment by government agencies or insurance companies. The caregiver selected is the individual best suited to provide compassionate, personalized care for your special needs.

Home Nursing and Shared Care programs provide total case management by utilizing trained, skilled home care professionals who are available any time, day and night, live in or daily. All home care personnel are supervised by our Nursing Supervisor. 

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